Service and Mission Work

People working on the Mississippi trip

“Walking by faith, let us do good works. In these let there be a free love of God for His own sake and an active love for our neighbor. For there is nothing we can do for God. But because we have something we can do for our neighbor, we shall by our good offices to the needy gain the favor of Him Who is the source of all abundance. Let us then do what we can for others; let us freely bestow upon the needy out of our abundance.”
— St. Augustine, p. 144

We hold an annual 5 day mission trip to Sacred Heart Southern Missions in Walls, Mississippi, just after Fall Semester finals. On this trip we do anything from building wheel chair ramps and replacing roofs to working at the pantry. With daily Mass and service work, it’s a great way to prepare for Christmas and grow closer to one another.

People working on the Mississippi trip, applying siding to a home
A group from the Newman center putting new siding onto a home

We organize other service events throughout the year; see the calendar for details.

Contact the service officer for more information and to offer suggestions for other service events.