Bible and Book Study

Join us every Tuesday as the NKU Catholic Newman Center hosts a Bible and book study. 

Please sign up for our Email List, the Newman Weekly, for Bible and book study times, as well as Zoom links to join, and information about cancellations. If you have any questions about Bible or book study don’t hesitate to contact our Vice President, Helena Kaelin or our Campus Minister, Donna Heim

Bible Study

Join NKU’s Newman Center every Tuesday for in-person Bible study at the Newman House. This year’s Bible study discusses the families of the New and Old Testament. Pope Francis decaled this the “Year of the Family”, and what better way to respond than to look at the families seen in the Bible. “Holy Family of Nazareth, make us once more mindful of the sacredness and inviolability of the family and its beauty in God’s plan” (Amoris Laetitia, 325).

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Book Study

This year’s book study focuses on the Nicene Creed. Join the NKU Newman Center as we go through Bishop Robert Barron’s series The Creed. In The Creed, a new film series blending both documentary footage and dynamic talks, Bishop Robert Barron guides viewers into the depths of the Nicene Creed, a fourth century statement of faith that has profoundly influenced both Eastern and Western spirituality, theology, and liturgy. Join us Tuesday’s on Zoom.

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Thursday Mass and Dinner

Every Thursday during the school year, all are invited to join NKU’s Catholic Newman Center for Mass followed by dinner.


Join us every Thursday as the NKU Catholic Newman Center celebrates Mass.

Each week we have a different activity accompanying Mass.

  • The 1st Thursday of the month we are at St. Joseph Cold Spring. We will be praying the Rosary at 6:30pm with Mass starting at 7:00pm
  • The 2nd Thursday of the month we are not at St. Joseph. Instead we show our support at St. Cecilia – Oakley at their Young Adult Candlelight Mass. We meet at 6:15 to carpool from the NKU Newman Center, Mass begins at 7:00pm.
  • The 3rd Thursday of the month we are back at St. Joseph Cold Spring. On this week we have adoration and confession at 6:30, followed by Mass at about 7:15.
  • The 4th Thursday of the month we again are at St. Joseph Cold Spring. On the 4th Thursday we have a guest speaker at 6:30pm, followed by Mass at 7:00pm


After Mass you are invited to come back to the Newman House for dinner. Mass normally ends around 8:00pm and is followed by a meeting at the Newman House. After the meeting dinner is served around 8:30pm.

On the 2nd Thursday for the St. Cecilia Candlelight Mass there is no dinner at the Newman House.


Other Events

Throughout the school year NKU’s Catholic Newman Center hosts many event. Some of our events include a trip to the annual March for Life in Washington D.C., The annual SEEK conference held by FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), a Red River Gorge camping trip, Kayaking trip, Family Picnic, Mission Trips, and more!

Mission Trip

Each year the NKU Newman Center sends a group of students on a Mission Trip. In May of 2021 we sent a group of  NKU students to a Mississippi Mission Trip.

March for Life

This January the NKU Catholic Newman Center will be collaborating with Northern Right to Life and the Knights of Columbus to send a large group of students to the National March in Washington D.C.

Family Picnic

For the Year of the Family, the NKU Newman Center hosted a family picnic. Everyone had so much fun that we will be making this an annual family picnic.