To NKU's Catholic Newman Center

About Us

Welcome to the NKU Catholic Newman Center. We are a student community fed by the Sacraments and empowered by the Spirit to live as witnesses of Christ. United by the teachings of the Catholic Church, the NKU Newman Center fosters spiritual growth, a commitment to service, and the forming of lasting friendships. Each Tuesday we have a Bible and Book Study, and on Thursday’s we have mass followed by dinner. Throughout the school year we host many events such as Service Days, Kayaking Trips, Camping Trips, and more. We are located at 19 Clearview Drive, Highland Heights, KY 41076.

Weekly Events

Bible and Book Study

Come join the NKU Newman Center for bible and book study every Tuesday.

Weekly Thursday Mass

Join NKU students as they celebrate the Mass with dinner and fellowship afterwards.

Interested In Becoming Catholic?

Do you have questions about the Catholic faith? Are you interested in becoming Catholic? Do you know someone who might be? If so click below to learn more about how to become Catholic.

Want to Talk?

Have questions about the Newman Center or just want to talk? Contact our Campus Minister, or one of our Officers to learn more.

Campus Minister: Donna Heim

PresidentPeter Finke

Vice PresidentHelena Kaelin  

Treasurer: Nick Osburg

Secretary/PR: Katelyn Dinius

Service Officer: Addison Bradley

Social Officer: Kevin Biecker

Keeper of the Keys: Justin “Chief” Kiefer

Sacristan: Michelle Gessner

Special Events Coordinator: Carolyn Dee and Justin Bockrath